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Hairdressers in Victoria SW1 London. A friendly hair salon your hair loves to visit ! Established in 2003 and located in the area of Victoria SW1 London, it has a large and loyal clientele who appreciate a hair salon that gives them the look they want not necessarily the current trend of styles.

Why Not Hairdressing excels at hair problems and potential. Make an appointment to talk to one of the international hairdressers about what you want to achieve and you will leave the hair salon looking and feeling your best.

Expert in ammonia free colouring INOA, treatments, hair extensions this is the place to come when other hair salons have disappointed, but beware once you start, you will find it hard to go elsewhere.

At Why Not Hairdressing there are no trainees, all of the hairdressers have a minimum of 10 years experience and some over 20 as a senior stylist and all have extensive experience in cuts and colours.



Color Regrowth from £34.90
Regrowth And Comb from £34.90
Semi Or Permanent Color from £34.90
Perm from £44.90

Toner from £9.90
Low/Highlights "T Parting" from £24.90
Low/Highlights Top/Partial from £39.90
Low/Highlights Half Head from £49.90
Low/Highlights Full Head from £69.90
Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Treatment from £99.00


Wash, Cut & Blow Dry from £25.90
Wash & Cut / Dry or Wet Cut from £19.90
Wash & Blow Dry from £19.90
Fringe Trim from £4.90
Hair Up from £24.90
Deep Conditioning Treatment from £9.90


Reshade Blending Service £17.50
Wash Cut & Finish £17.50
Dry Cut/Wet Cut £13.90
One Grade All Over £9.90
One Grade All Over & Wash £12.90
Marco / Aurora request haircuts All £19.90
Restyle / Longer hair  £19.90
Color / Tint Or Shoe Shine Highlights £34.90/£24.90

Click here to view full price details.


Make your dreams of having long hair come true with high quality hair extensions form Hairdreams with no damage to your hair! The only pre-requisite: Natural hair of at least 8-10 cm.

Hairdreams only uses genuine hair which has been sourced from all over the world in accordance with strict ethnical principles. The Hairdreams hair is characterised by a healthy and radiant shine, bright, lasting colours and natural elasticity. It is available in the 5-star and 7-star SPECIAL quality categories.

5 star Quality
Only specially selected natural dark hair is used for the 5-star hair. The hair is strong, healthy and ideal for making hair extensions. As part of an elaborate process, the hair is carefully lightened, refined and dyed and is suitable to wear for up to approx. 6 months.

7-star SPECIAL quality
One special category of the Hairdreams hair range is the hand-selected SPECIAL hair of the very highest quality. This is particularly high quality, healthy Caucasian hair in natural colours which range from black to blonde. This hair only needs slight treatment and has a special bounce, elasticity and natural shine which resemble youthful hair. The hair is of such high quality than it can be re-used up to two times and can therefore be worn for up to a year and a half in total.


Hairdreams Volume + System / Hair thickening

Hairdreams, the hair extensions specialist, also offers a whole new variety of individual and tailor-made solutions for hair volume issues with its innovative hair thickening concept ‘Volume+’ – from brittle hair to advanced hair loss and thinning hair. Depending on the condition of the hair and required hairstyle, the hairdresser selects a suitable thickening process and adds high quality strands of natural hair to the customer’s own hair, adapting the colour, length and structure as appropriate. Thinning or fine hair can therefore be transformed into a thick head of hair in an instant using a natural and gentle process.

All Hairdreams ‘Volume+’ hair thickening methods have one thing in common: natural-looking hair thickness. Only the customer knows that this has been achieved with a bit of help! Unlike with hair pieces and wigs, there are no limitations on activities either: sport, swimming, sauna, driving a convertible and much more are not a problem!

Fullness and volume with hair thickening and Hairdreams ‘Volume+’

One of the most significant ‘hair problems’ experienced by many women is thin, fine hair and a lack of volume. The problem can even develop in young women if they are prone to it. However, it tends to worsen with age because hair gets thinner as we get older and the number of hairs in the scalp is gradually reduced. The Hairdreams ‘Volume+’ hair thickening concept is one excellent way of achieving help with this.

All Hairdreams ‘Volume+’ hair thickening methods have one thing in common: natural-looking hair thickness. Only the customer knows that this has been achieved with a bit of help! Unlike with hair pieces and wigs, there are no limitations on activities either: sport, swimming, sauna, driving a convertible and much more are not a problem!

Hairdreams strands: an ideal method for bringing greater lasting fullness and volume to thin hair, both along the length and tips. Individual strands are discreetly added to the customer’s own hair and adapted to the natural hair in terms of colour, length and structure.

Hairdreams MicroLines: a tried-and-trusted method which is ideal in cases of hair loss, very thin hair or visible bald patches. A mesh of micro-fine, special and almost invisible fibres is integrated into the customer’s own hair using a special bonding ring to which top quality strands of real hair are attached.

Hairdreams TopHair: the extra-fast and extra-flexible method of thickening hair. Ideal for fine and thinning patches on the top of the head where the customer requires a hairstyle with longer hair on the top and crown of the head. An additional highlight: Hairdreams TopHair can be applied permanently or with the aid of clips. This means that the added volume can be removed by the customer at any time and re-applied again as required.

Hairdreams HighLines: the easy hair thickening methods for added volume on the top of the head. Also enables attractive strand and colour effects to be achieved. Micro-fine and special invisible fibres with top quality real hair attached are permanently integrated into the customer’s own hair.


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